BioSpheres is a complete range of feeds for the shrimp hatchery, starting from Zeoa to PL. The range comprises 4 different feeds, each one exclusively and independently formulated for the shrimp stage it is targeted to. Each of the feeds is easily identified by their color and physical properties which are following the evolution of the needs of the shrimp throughout its cycle. They are formulated to ensure best performance and stable results. BioSpheres is a unique global concept for shrimp larval rearing offering the newest technologies to modern shrimp hatcheries.


Zoea feed Mysis feed PL Feed
Fish (blue whiting) Fish (blue whiting) LT or super prime fish meal
Brewers yeast Brewers yeast Wheat flour
Hydrolysed fish meal Hydrolysed fish meal Wheat gluten
Micro algae (Chlorella spp) Soybean lecithin Fish oil
Soybean lecithin Yeast autolysate Soybean Lecithin
Yeast autolysate fish gelatine Brewers Yeast


Available Sizes

Instruction for Use

With a density of 100 Nauplii/liter and an estimated survival of 50%, feed Zoea with 1,5-5,0 g/m3/day, feed Mysis with 5,0-8,0 g/m3/day, feed PL150 with 8,0-15,0 g/m3/day, feed PL300 with 15-25 g/m3/day. Feed 4 to 6 times per day. Specific feeding regimes are available on request.


500 g cans for Zoea and Mysis, 1000 g cans for PL150 and PL300