Eco Biomarine

Eco Biomarine contains microbes carefully selected for their ability to reduce Sludge, Ammonia, Nitrate, H2S as well as other toxic wastes and harmful gases in shrimp / Fish pond. These microbes grow well in both fresh and salt water environments. These microbes have been incorporated into a tablet for direct addition to pond bottoms.

Table form has several advantages over traditional powdered products :

Ease of Use

No messy powders to handle. Apply tablets directly to the pond

No Activation Required

Tablets dissolve and bacteria germinate.


Each tablet contains approximately 50 billion CFU. A single tablet results in 50,000 bacteria per square cm of the sediment surface area.

Direct Delivery

Works straight at pond bottom where the sludge, toxic wastes and microbial population resides.

Field trial results from 2007 have confirmed :

  • Faster growth (0.11 gram per week greater N=23)
  • Much less water exchange (75% reduction)
  • Eliminated use of antibiotics (100% elimination)
  • Cleaner pond bottoms (organic material digested by bacteria)
  • No ammonia, nitrite and H2S (100% elimination)
  • Healthier pond flora (fewer blue green algae, better overall water quality)


Day 01 -60 apply 13 tabs/hec/15 days
Day 75 - 105 apply 26 tabs/hec/15 days
Above applications are calculated for stocking density of 10-15 pc/m2.

Instruction for use

Apply Eco Biomarine tablets directly to the pond, spread it uniformly throughout the period.

Health & Safety

  • Eco Biomarine is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless to human and animals.
  • Eco Biomarine is a microbial water additive and should not be mixed with feed.
  • Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  • For use in Aquacutlure only.


Eco Biomarine is packed in pharmaceutical grade HDPE bottles of USFDA standard. Each bottle contains 13 tablets.