Royal Seafood

Royal Seafood is a high quality shrimp diet especially made for post-larval stages. Royal Seafood is an excellent diet that provides best growth and survival through the whole growth period. Royal Seafood is maintaining a perfect water quality and is highly palatable. Royal Seafood is produced by cold-extrusion technique. The diet is further crumbled to the appropriate size.


Super prime / LT fish meal, Krill meal, wheat gluten, wheat and wheat by-products, soybean lecithin, Brewer's yeast, fish oil, Brewer's yeast autolysate, macro-algae (kelp meal).


Moisture (%) 8,0 Vitamin A 15,000 IU/kg
Protein (%) 54,0 Vitamin D3 2,000 IU/kg
Lipids (%) 8,0 Vitamin C 1,000 ppm
Ash (%) 12,0 Vitamin E 375 ppm
Cellulose (%) 2,0    
Phosphorus (%) 1,2    
Total (n-3) HUFA 20,0 mg/g    
DHA 7,0 mg/g Total Energy (kJ/g) 18,00
EPA 12,0 mg/g Digestible Energy (kJ/g) 16,65

Available Sizes

Instruction for Use

Feed one to 3 kilos of Royal Seafood per million PL. Feed 4 to 6 times per day. Specific feeding regimes are available on request.

Unique features

  • Very water stable micro-particles.
  • Low pollution of tank water Excellent digestibility in post-larval stages.
  • Provide best growth and survival rates
  • Exceptional palatability. Does not contain black indigestible markers.


Royal Seafood is packed in steel cans of 1500 g, in aluminized PE bags of 1,0 kg or in 5,0 kg PE pails.