Vitellus BSE

Vitellus is exclusively composed of first quality Artemia cysts. The cysts have been opened and their content extracted (the content of the cyst can be called the vitellus of the egg). The extracted vitellus is processed with the most modern techniques which guarantee the total preservation of the unique nutritional qualities of the Artemia cyst. Vitellus is the perfect natural food for shrimp larvae and post-larvae, offering the best of nature with less work and less losses.


Artemia cysts


Moisture (%) 8,0 Vitamin A 25,000 IU/kg
Protein (%) 50,0 Vitamin D3 2,000 IU/kg
Lipids (%) 14,0 Vitamin C 750 ppm
Ash (%) 10,0 Vitamin E 250 ppm
Fibre (%) 3,5    
Phosphorus (%) 1,0    
Total (n-3) HUFA 15,0 mg/g    
DHA 6,0 mg/g Total Energy (kJ/g) 19,00
EPA 8,0 mg/g Digestible Energy (kJ/g) 17,57

Available Sizes

Small suitable for Zoea 3 and Mysis sizes
Standard Suitable for Mysis and PL stages
Large Suitable for late PL stages and for PL transportation

Instruction for Use

Does not require decapsulation, hatching or separation. Feed the Vitellus directly in the culture tank, in the same proportion as traditional Artemia cysts. Vitellus is neutrally buoyant, does not pollute water and is immediately ingested by the shrimp larvae.


Packed in 454 g steel cans under inert atmosphere (N2/CO2) or in larger containers on request.